About Us

About Us

California Planned Parenthood Education Fund (CPPEF) provides policy analysis, advocacy, technical and legal services to our member agencies, our coalition partners and the general public on issues related to reproductive health, clinic licensure and access to preventive health care. We coordinate statewide projects related to clinic-based advocacy and develop communication strategies supportive of reproductive health issues.

While CPPEF actively serves California’s seven Planned Parenthood affiliates, it also participates in a wide variety of statewide organizations and activities in support of reproductive health care.

CPPEF collaborates with other licensed community clinics on issues related to clinic licensure, budget planning, Medi-Cal policy, state health department reporting, safety net provider issues, and access to health care services for uninsured individuals.

Planned Parenthood is also a founding member of the California Coalition for Reproductive Freedom (CCRF), an important statewide reproductive health and rights coalition.

California Planned Parenthood Health Centers*

Number of health centers in California 115
Percent of patients at or below 200% federal poverty line 87%
Number of patients in California 822,756 patients
Number of patient encounters 1,465,293

*2015 data

Check out this Infographic Fact Sheet about Planned Parenthood health centers in California.